Mac Pro{{Logic Board Repair}}Gurgaon Sec 46

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Mac Pro{{Logic Board Repair}}Gurgaon Sec 46

You may have left your Apple Macbook Pro laptop out on the porch only to later find it was out in the rain that soaked it. This type of  Apple Macbook Pro laptop repair can be difficult and even experts agree that it’s a hit or miss situation. If your Apple Macbook Pro laptop was on when it was raining then its most probably fried, which means that you’ll need a professional Apple Macbook Pro laptop repair centre to replace the burnt components. However, if your Apple Macbook Pro laptop was off with the cover down when it rained then there is still a chance that it can be salvaged. You’ll need to take apart your laptop and make sure dry it with a clean cloth prior to leaving it out in the sun to dry or use a hair dryer. Once all the components are dry you can put it back together and turn it back on. There is a 50 / 50 chance that it will work.


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  • Battery Replacement,
  • Logic Board Repair,
  • Touchpad Replacement,
  • Water Damage Repair,
  • 24×7 support,
  • Quick service,
  • Free consultation,
  • Same day service,
  • Use of original parts,
    • Screen Moisture Damage Repair,
    • Screen LED Issue Repair,
    • Screen LED Problem Repair,
    • LED Screen Damage Repair,
    • Damage Water Repair,
If water has been able to make its way inside to your APPLE MACBOOK PRO LAPTOP components. If so, unplug the APPLE MACBOOK PRO LAPTOP as soon as possible, as liquid and electricity do not mix. If you're able to open the case safely, visually inspect the components inside, keeping an eye out for residue, discoloration and corrosion. 



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